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Full Security Consulting Services

From initial assessment to investigations. Your trusted partner through the entire security cycle.

Security Consulting Services

Our security consulting staff has decades of industry experience, including strong law enforcement and military backgrounds.

Threat Assessments

  • Public access and deliveries
  • Utlities
  • Lighting
  • Locks

Emergency Preparedness

  • Active shooter training
  • Workplace violence
  • First aid and CPR
  • Disaster planning

Crisis Management

  • Push notifications
  • Equipment and personnel deployment
  • Social media monitoring
  • Dissemination of supplies and MREs


  • Background checks
  • Post incident analysis
  • After action reporting
  • Law enforcement collaboration

Our Commitment to Your Safety

GMSC is committed to creating safe building environments where occupants can rest easy knowing the building is well-protected. A sense of physical safety is a basic human need. A sense of security at the office allows you to focus on your core business.
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Industries We Serve

Commercial Office

GMSC provides full service security to many of the most complex Class A and Trophy buildings in New York and Chicago.

Education & Institutional

Safety on school campuses is a number one concern in America. GMSC’s comprehensive threat analysis can help you assess weak points on campus.

Events & Conventions

GMSC provides physical security presence for events and conventions of all sizes.


From guards and concierge to access control, GMSC is expert in securing residential buildings.


Theft and vandalism can become a problem on a construction site. GMSC helps secure and protect your project.


Theft and robbery are an ongoing problem in retail. GMSC designs customized security programs to address the needs of its retail clients.

Service Excellence

Our multi-layered Center of Service Excellence is the backbone of our company that enables us to deliver first class services and develop long lasting business partnerships.

Quality Control

GMSC's Quality Control allows us to regularly develop, test and maintain our programs and certifications to ensure the consistent delivery of quality services.

GMSC University

Our training and development, with over 100 courses, ensures our staff are engaged and well trained. As a result they stay longer, are better utilized and deliver the best service.

Client Services

A robust infrastructure, a strong onsite presence and frequent communications are key elements that allow us to maintain first class service standards. Our staffing structure is multi-layered, with a single dedicated point of contact overseeing your account.


GMSC is committed to sustainability throughout our operations. Providing safe work environments for our clients contributes to their well-being and allows them to operate more efficiently.

Specialty Services

We offer a robust suite of customized specialty services to buildings and tenants. Our staff is certified and well trained.

Where We Operate

  • New York

    Eleven Penn Plaza
    New York, NY 10001
  • Chicago

    222 Merchandise Mart Plaza
    Chicago, IL 60654

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